Hi! It’s me! your favourite blogger! Callie! Today as you see from the title I will be talking about snakes. Now I know, some of you might be thinking, why would you possibly be writing about snakes? THEY’RE CREEPY. Well some of you might be thinking that but I DON’T.  I think snakes are SUPER […]

Wonder Advice

Dear August, We are writing to advise you on the situation between yourself and Jack. Here’s a few things I think might help.   Who cares about what he says, he probably just wants to fit in with the bullies. You should just ignore him and pretend it never happened. You’ll find another friend, and […]

Wearing Masks

Hi! Its me! Callie! Your favourite blogger! As you see from the title I will be talking about masks. Before you read this blog post I do reccomend you to read it or you probably wont understand my blog today… Here is the link to it: Click here for Article OK now that you read […]

The Digestive System

Hi I’m Callie, and welcome to my blog. As you see from the title I’m going to be talking about the digestive system. I chose to write about the digestive system because I think it’s really cool how food is digested and how it all happens. So first let’s talk about the organs of the […]