The Digestive System

Hi I’m Callie, and welcome to my blog. As you see from the title I’m going to be talking about the digestive system. I chose to write about the digestive system because I think it’s really cool how food is digested and how it all happens.

So first let’s talk about the organs of the digestive system.

  1. The Mouth
  2. The Esophagus
  3. The Stomach
  4. The Small intestine
  5. The Large intestine
  6. The Anus

What does each organ do you ask? Lets talk about that.

  1. The Mouth – The mouth chews up the food and makes it softer and smaller.
  2. The Esophagus – The esophagus is a long pipe that connects your mouth and stomach together. so what it does is bring the chewed up food to the stomach
  3. The Stomach – The stomach is a pear shaped organ that has enzymes that break down the food more
  4. The Small Intestine – The small intestine is where most of the digestion happens it has more enzymes that break it down even more
  5. The Large Intestine – The large intestine takes all the undigested food and takes all the excess water and salt out of it
  6. The Anus – The anus is where all the waste (also called poop) goes out of


Here is a picture of the digestive system

That Is The End Of The Digestive System!!!

One thought on “The Digestive System

  1. Hi Callie,

    I liked reading about the digestive system. Did you have any idea that the digestive did so much to digest food? I like the way you explained what each part of the system does. I think my Grade 3 students would learn a lot by reading this post. It sounds like you are enjoying science this year. Do you think you will study any other systems in the human body?
    I look forward to reading more of your posts.
    Mrs. Bennett

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