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Hi! Its me! Callie! Your favourite blogger!

As you see from the title I will be talking about masks. Before you read this blog post I do reccomend you to read it or you probably wont understand my blog today…

Here is the link to it: Click here for Article

OK now that you read it lets see what  I agree with, don’t agree with and how I feel about wearing masks.


I kind of had an experience like Dr Klitzman but the opposite because in school  everybodys wearing a mask so it feels weird if we’re not wearing a mask.

When we first came to school it felt weird to always be wearing a mask because i was used to the summer  break when we didn’t always have to wear a mask.

People wearing masks influenced me because if everybody was wearing a mask and I wasn’t I would feel really weird because I would be the only one not wearing a mask.

I did worry about it because I thought that if I didn’t wear my mask while everybody else was then they would think that I didn’t care about covid-19 which I do.

I do have a favourite mask. It’s a normal kids mask. It’s not really comfortable but it’s better than the other masks. No, it does not express my personal style because it’s pink, and I don’t like pink!

I do agree with Dr.Kilztman when he said “Masks are uncomfortable and hot” because whenever I wear my mask I get hot and it’s also like that for most people.

I disagree with “He rolled his eyes and waved his hand in the air, as if to say, “Whatever. We know we should wear them, but we know we’re all OK.”I disagree with this because the health society made rules for the covid 19 and people should be following those rules and not making up their own rules.

I think the article was good because it taught people that dont wear masks that they need to and that it’s crucial for the health of other people. 

So I don’t like wearing masks but I will to keep others safe.

That Is My Thought About Wearing Masks!!!

2 thoughts on “Wearing Masks

  1. Hi Callie,
    I enjoyed reading this post about masks. Have you gotten used to wearing a mask? I am glad to hear that the students in Grade 5 are wearing masks and keeping everyone safe. I also have a favourite mask. It is blue with little flowers on it. The funny thing is I do not usually wear anything with flowers. I think I like the mask because it has two layers plus a filter. Does your favourite mask fit better than your other masks?
    Have fun in Grade 5!
    Mrs. Bennett

  2. Great blog post Callie! I am not sure if you are my favourite blogger…yet…but keep on cranking out great posts and you very well might be!


    As someone who has been blogging for a long time, I can tell you that one of the hardest parts – which I think you are doing a GREAT job of – is finding your blogging “voice”. It is always tricky to know just how serious/funny/academic/casual you should be in a blog post, but in my experience the blogs that are read the most are the ones that use the most authentic voice – they sounds like a real person who has a unique personality. As you keep blogging, you’ll keep finding your voice and I’m excited to discover what it will be.


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