Innovation Day Project (Wind Energy)

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Today, I will be talking about my innovation day project. So, if you don’t know what innovation day is, it is basically a project kind of like the STEAM fair. It’s a science project that me and my friend, Bianca are doing together. What we had to do was make a play structure more fun, but only using renewable energy (environmentally friendly energy) such as wind or solar energy. The way we are adding wind energy in is by putting in a wind turbine connected to an air conditioner that’s in a little room for the parents to sit while looking at their kids playing, there will be lots of windows so that it will be safe for the kids while playing and the parents won’t be bored/cold/hot while waiting for their kids.

Here is a photo of the little room:

Here is a link to the app I made this project on Floorplanner

We are adding energy to our park because lots of the parks that are using energy aren’t using renewable energy but the type of energy that hurts the environment. The purpose of this is to help the environment and stop pollution from this type of energy.


Here are a few fun facts about wind energy:

  1. Wind turbines are usually not placed by themselves but in groups called “wind farms”
  2. The gear in the back of the turbine is what creates the electricity
  3. From every single turbine installed comes about 250 watts of electricity
  4. In 2012 – for the first time ever – more electricity was generated in Ontario using wind than coal.

Here is a little video we filmed


(Coming soon a post about how to use Floorplanner)



Hope you learned some stuff!!!

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