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Creative Writing


Once upon a time there was a girl named Emily, Emily was an ordinary 10 year old girl living a pretty ordinary life until one day, that all changed. 

She was walking down the street on the way back from school and a man came up to her. “Hello Emily,” he said. “How do you know my name?” Emily said, “I don’t know you!”. “Oh, but you do!” the weird man said, “Your parents have just been hiding me from you your whole life”. “WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT!?” Emily screamed at him as loud as she could and ran away before the odd man got to say another word. Emily forgot about it and just came to the conclusion that the man was crazy, but even though she kept telling herself that everything was fine, she still had a weird feeling that something was wrong. Emily decided no to tell her parents because with her mom being sick, they were struggling enough as is and she didn’t want to put more pressure on them. Oh, but what a mistake that was because soon she’ll figure out what that was all about and she’s not gonna be happy… She came home and pretended everything was OK.


“Hey honey, how was school today? Did you have fun?” Dad said. “Ya dad, school was fine,” Emily responded, still not knowing if she should tell him what happened. “That’s great! Mom’s feeling better, we may even be able to go on a walk with her!” Her dad said. “Wow! That’s amazing!” Said Emily, but inside, she was still a little afraid the weird man would approach them. “Maybe we shouldnt though… we dont want to risk getting mom sicker.” said Emily. “ You’re right, mom will be disappointed though”, answered dad. It was the only excuse she could think of, and she knew it would disappoint her mom, but she really didnt want to involve her parents in this, she’ll figure this out herself. Emily went to her moms room afraid to break the news to her that they won’t be going outside. “Hey mom” “Hi Emily sweetheart, how are you? I’m feeling good today, we can go outside for a little!” said mom, clearly excited. “About that mom, we’re not going outside, we dont wanna risk you getting more sick” said Emily, starting to believe her own lie. “What!? No! Itll be fine!” said mom, “I’m sorry mom”said Emily. “Well I guess I understand, I dont want to get myself more sick either…” “Great” said Emily, feeling really bad about herself.


The next day when Emily was walking to school she was really nervous. She really didn’t want to run into the manshe saw yesterday, he scared her. Unfortunately, you can  always get what you want and again the man ran up to her. “GO AWAY!” Screamed Emily, as loud as she possibly could. “Wait! Can I tell you something? Please… Let me explain…”  “What do you want?” Responded Emily. “Stay, listen,” said the man, “You’ll understand later…” “Okay” said Emily. Still not sure if she was gonna regret this. “Your dad..” “Ya… What about him?” said Emily “He’s not actually your dad, he kidnapped you when you were little, I’m your real dad” said the man “Your mom thinks you were just adopted… You werent” “No! They ARE my parents!” said Emily. “My dad wouldnt do that!” “But he would,” said the man. “I know how to stop him, make him end up in jail, but in order to do that, you have to come with me.” said the man with a grin on his face. “NO! ” said Emily. “STRANGER DANGER!!!!” and she ran away, pretending that  never happened. But what if he was right? Thought Emily. No! He wasnt. And she went to school.


To Be Continued…

One thought on “My creative writing

  1. Dear Callie,
    this story had a lot of emotions some good some bad, towards the end of the story I got chills. I think next time if you get to the main point a little bit faster so we dont need wait for you to write a your next great story. Overall your story was great.

    Sincerly Zoe.

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