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Today as you see from the title I will be talking about snakes. Now I know, some of you might be thinking, why would you possibly be writing about snakes? THEY’RE CREEPY.

Well some of you might be thinking that but I DON’T.  I think snakes are SUPER cool. Why? Because they slither they can be really pretty and…  I have a pet snake.

Yup, you heard me right I have a pet snake. But before you go crazy let’s get onto some non-venemous snakes.

Non-venemous Snakes

One of the most common non-venemous snakes here in ottawa is a garter snake, of course theres also northern water snakes and more but the main non-venemous snake I will be talking about is the garter snake. Why?

Because I know alot about them and I just think their cool.

How do garter snakes look? Garter snakes have black and yellow stipes all the way down their backs. some have checkered patterns (checkered garter snake) and some even have som red down the side of their body (red sided garter snake).

Here are pictures of garter snakes.


Normal garter snake.

Garter Snake


red-sided garter snake

red-sided garter snake (Thamnophis sirtalis parietalis)


There are several other types of garter snake like common garter snake, red sided garter snake, eastern garter snake, california garter snake and way more.

Snake Shed

Every single type of  snake sheds,venemous and non-venemous, a snake sheds whenever its skin is too small for it body. Of course as you know snakes have scales, so when they shed it kind of looks like human skin but with bumps from the scales.


Here is a picture of a snake shed

A Rare Find, Un damaged, tip to tail 's end, Snakes's sheddings (Shirt)...


There are also scaleless snakes, now i know it sounds wierd but its true there are scaleless snakes. From my opinion i think scaleless snakes are prettier and cooler than snakes with scales.


Here is a picture of a scaleless snake. this specific one is a scaleless rat snake.

scaleless rat snake

Now you don’t see in the picture but all scaleless snakes do have scales on their stomach to keep the bottom of their body safe.


Venemous Snakes

When somebody says venemous snake you probably think straight waay cobra. Why? Because if you’ve watched lots of movies the bad guys that have back ups or pets that help keep them safe if its a snake its usually a cobra.

Cobras are used in movies because they can hood up and look big and scary and because of their deadly venom and their needle-sharp teeth.

And because of that you might be thinking that a cobra is the most venemous snake in the world. Well its not, the most venemous snake in the world is the inland taipan.

Here is a picture of an inland taipan

Inland Taipan, the World's Deadliest Snake

If you get by an inland taipan its not that likely that you will survive. And if you do say thank you to the snake milkers that are risking their lives for others.

Oh ya, by the way a snake milker is a person that takes venemous snakes and gets venom from them to make anti-venom.


Maybe This Little Snake Will Get  Rid Of Your Fear Of Snakes

Theres a type of snake called the rubber boa, from the name you can tell, it feels like rubber. Why i said it might get rid of your fear of snakes is because their non-venemous and practically never bite.

And they never bite that even if a predator comes they will not strike bite or do anything like that but will just curl up into a ball and pretends its tail is its head so the predator will try do grabb it by the tail. That is why wild rubber boas usually have  scarred tails.

Fun Facts About Snakes:

  1. One drop of an inland taipans venom can kill about 100 men
  2. Snakes don’t have eyelids
  3. There’s such thing as two-headed snakes
  4. Snakes swallow food whole
  5. A snakes jaw extends so that is can eat prey bigger than its head
  6. The oldest snake was named Ben and he was 42 years 6 days when he passed away
  7. There are over 3000 types of snakes in the world
  8. Snakes smaell with their tongue
  9. Nocturnal (Awake during night, sleep during day) snakes have slit pupils and diurnal (Awake during day, sleep during night)  snakes have round pupils
  10. Garter snakes can sometimes create a mild neurotoxic venom but its so mild that it can’t harm a human being at all


That Is The End Of Snakes!!!

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