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As you see from the title I will be giving you some tips for multiplication. I’m going to start with the nine times tables. I will be doing he 5 times tables, 10 times tables and 9 times tables. I will be doing it only up until eleven because i’m still practicing my twelve times tables๐Ÿ˜.

I think that the nine times tables is one of the easiest ones, but i know it might be harder for some of you and thats why i’m going to show you this trick. Here is the trick.

Ok lets get started.

Ok let’s say you’re doing 8×9 my trick is to do the number that isn’t 9 (in this case 8) and multiply it by 10 so 8×10= 80. ok now we have 80. so what we would do now is 80 (10×8) minus the number that isn’t 9 (8) so we do 80-8 which is 72 so the answer to this question would be 72.

Lets try that again but this time 6×9. ok so we first do 10×6 which is 60 so now we would do 60-6 which is 54. so the answer to that question would be 54.

Ok now let’s do the 10 times tables. The 10 times tables is pretty easy, I personally think it is the easiest one but I don’t know about you. So let’s get started.

The way to do the ten times tables is to just add a zero to the end of the number that you’re multiplying by 10. So 10×1 would be add a 0 to one and it’s 10. Let’s go a little higher and do a little challenge, 10×16=? remember that all we have to do is add a zero so it would be 16 with a zero is 160 so it’s 160.



And That Is Multiplication!!! I Hope That This Helped!!!

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